The Name

Streetwear, high-culture & contemporary design / Combined in an unrivalled symphony.

A symbol of unmatched class & status; A roaring storm, transporting you to the forefront of contemporary fashion & design.

World class packaging & delivery / High-quality garments constructed with the finest materials possible for an unbeatable, long lasting comfort and long lasting wear.


The Strategy

Limited collections & pieces, designed to keep the symbol exclusive / Allowing us to provide our level of service, quality and customer experience to our clients.

We grow our community best from referrals / Our customers are our champions. Find others like you and get them in.

Invite others so that we can grow our community, deliver our message, inspire change and elevate the world.


The Future

New collections from the best designers in the world / Delivering our exceptional service to people across the globe.

3d printed garments, footwear & accessories for our RTW & constant collections.


Your Power

Only tell people that you know can wear the symbol, about us.

If you see someone else wearing Ominous, let them know, you come from the same stock.

We give you this power: To keep our symbol true to our values, to keep our message alive and our community strong.

Our power is in our community.


The Service

Exceptional quality pieces, head-turning designs and an unmatched customer experience.

Our care for you is our biggest priority. We want to give you an experience you'll never forget, so that you fall in love with the brand and promote our message. We will do everything we can to make that happen. 

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We rise as warriors, illuminated by the fire inside of us, roaring in union against the shadows & faces of evil. Our message reverberating through the universe, as indomitable forces of truth & morality.

With great power, we ascend.

Welcome to Ominous.